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Perfectly Cut Screams #4
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I MOVED | Meme Time
Amber Rastogi
Amber Rastogi Acum 14 ore
the day of the release of the movie you should release that exact video from the movie as the intro to a different video
YEET YEET Acum 14 ore
Hey Jack, Can you like go back an play Overwatch for one episode? It's still a bit fun in 2021.
Ashtronaut96 Acum 14 ore
When he said miniladd. I shivered
Pigchomper3000 Acum 14 ore
Game: “it’s only you” Jack: “OH this is so much fun”
Potato808 Acum 14 ore
You should try Jedi fallen order I love it I think you would too
Amara A.
Amara A. Acum 14 ore
i'd like to note many things being "cancelled" for no reasons are caused by the older generations
Barr Bizarre
Barr Bizarre Acum 14 ore
why does jack seem the most sober? he's irish
Prison Unit
Prison Unit Acum 14 ore
Jesus jack 8 years ago
JohnyPie Acum 14 ore
play the new ori and will of the wisp game freaking fun game I recommend, bring back a series again
Sen Gen
Sen Gen Acum 14 ore
Rip Grandma
DarkIrishGoddess Acum 14 ore
What do I wanna see? Smol (college) Seán being a goober. I need all that content
Nightingale Acum 14 ore
“You all are the short ones I’m just y’all” Laughs in 6’3 as a 15 year old
Vulcan Acum 14 ore
6:20 Jack is implying that he’s Shrek
kakadumango Acum 14 ore
Reaction to scary videos
Zahin MZI
Zahin MZI Acum 14 ore
Waluigik13 Acum 14 ore
Maybe your thoughts on E3?
Rudolfina Acum 14 ore
Ejo Croatian in the chat
Your funni Boi
Your funni Boi Acum 14 ore
As a milk enjoyer i am offended
Maple not syrup
Maple not syrup Acum 14 ore
Yenthlyn Harmon
Yenthlyn Harmon Acum 14 ore
I knowwwww...Jujutsu Kaisen ruins everything you try to watch after. It's beautiful.
The Chill Guy
The Chill Guy Acum 14 ore
I'm glad you're back jack in black!!
Jennifer Bradford
Jennifer Bradford Acum 14 ore
want to see a video of all the products you been buying. and I miss LAUGH!
Rea Acum 14 ore
8:05 That cup wasn’t filled with coffee… was filled with our tears
Madelyn Alvarado
Madelyn Alvarado Acum 14 ore
jack play tomodachi life
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Acum 14 ore
Jacks chaotic way of thinking. -My inventory is full, i should go back. -No let's just do this first. -My inventory is so full, (proceeds to waste items).
Joshua Baines
Joshua Baines Acum 14 ore
Awesome to hear that you're starting to feel a little bit better! I have a recommendation of what could be a cool series on the channel: hollow knight. It's a souls-like game with some platforming elements and an awesome soundtrack to boot
Yeet Man
Yeet Man Acum 14 ore
The entrance not lie was creepy and scared me but nice anyway animations tho
Mission Transition
Mission Transition Acum 14 ore
Me being 4ft10 🥲
Sofia Acum 14 ore
Me being a teenager: I feel attacked rn lol
Lolmen Ninja
Lolmen Ninja Acum 14 ore
I'm 6'5 🤣
Octopigeon Acum 14 ore
27:29 I'm not crying. I'm not crying.
JohnMalock Acum 14 ore
This song holds a special place in my heart cuz I listened to it on my way to the how did we get here tour
Sjouke Duinstra
Sjouke Duinstra Acum 14 ore
pffff average hight i'm just as tall as jack and i'm 14, but i am dutch tho
Přerost Danny
Přerost Danny Acum 14 ore
Sewerrcat Acum 14 ore
jacksepticeye ur short, i'm 5,6
aubinpeter s
aubinpeter s Acum 14 ore
Well fr the companion we can have bb as like a lynx walking with jackkk
Rafiq Daniel
Rafiq Daniel Acum 14 ore
More real scary videos is fun. Watching stuff like CrypTV is scary but not as scary as watching old scary ROkey videos.
Tuva Acum 14 ore
there is a game on steam that is free in this month that is called tell me why. its a very interesting story game.
Jaden Walls
Jaden Walls Acum 14 ore
isn't he like 5,10?
IiLunar FireiI
IiLunar FireiI Acum 14 ore
JACK IS BACK :D hope youre still looking after yourself
Bindibob Acum 14 ore
Hey Jack this is my first comment in any channel because I just got my account and you were the first channel I subbed to so I’m also making you my first comment your my favourite channel and ITS MEME TIME ITS MEME TIME
JSW ? Acum 14 ore
Mayby try and Play some different games than your used to for ex racing games
Lex Wernig
Lex Wernig Acum 14 ore
I'm 6'2" (188cm for you euros), so you're gonna be shorter than you seemed
Dusklily Acum 14 ore
Glad to have you back Jack! Please finish the At dead of night series! <3
Dark Unicorn
Dark Unicorn Acum 14 ore
29:45 I want to see a remastered version of your music video please
Tobiscuit Acum 14 ore
I can't believe I lives long enough to see him do that on camera
Jarrell Rodriguez
Jarrell Rodriguez Acum 14 ore
Can you play Ratchet and Clank rift apart
Mikhail Alexandrovich Bykov
Mikhail Alexandrovich Bykov Acum 14 ore
Record Minecraft new caves and cliffs update together with Felix pls.
AwkwardAnonymous Acum 14 ore
Just thinking about wat you said re there not being any games out at the moment, what about a little indie game showcase? Just hop on steam and play a couple of small games that catch your eye! If Among Us has taught us anything it's that there's some really fun stuff hiding around the place.
bit_mate ֫
bit_mate ֫ Acum 14 ore
adamame is actually soy beans
Rohan Singh
Rohan Singh Acum 14 ore
Jack do more Minecraft videos with felix or just by yourself
faethor ferenc
faethor ferenc Acum 14 ore
Dude, the chicken was the hero in moana... also played by Alan Tudyk (he wen't to juilliard for that role). Anyway, i hope you are fine so far. As one of the first memes said, take the time you need.
Lazy Turtle
Lazy Turtle Acum 14 ore
I know its a bit of a long shot, but I'd love to see you play Hollow Knight
Ronzon Roldan
Ronzon Roldan Acum 14 ore
I love seeing you chatting through the vid! Glad your feeling a bit better.
Jahangir Khan
Jahangir Khan Acum 14 ore
Hey Jack play PUBG
Ruvyzvat Acum 14 ore
Hey Jack I think you should come back to TABS because there’s a lot of updates you’ve missed and the game is out now So pls come back to TABS *Roger is waiting*
a sushi
a sushi Acum 14 ore
Linwood Longstrive
Linwood Longstrive Acum 14 ore
Well you say that different channels might work better, but I only whatch meme time ect and ONLY get those video's pushed. I never see a gaming video come by.
Kiefer Young
Kiefer Young Acum 14 ore
play warzone again
Nato276 Yeah
Nato276 Yeah Acum 14 ore
Jack should play more deadrising
The Dumb One
The Dumb One Acum 14 ore
Do do do da do
Kiera Lee-Ann
Kiera Lee-Ann Acum 14 ore
Ratchet and Clank
Minnesota the Ghost
Minnesota the Ghost Acum 14 ore
13:00 dude sounds like young Hank Hill
William Hernandez
William Hernandez Acum 14 ore
I will be 13
Ephry Santhosh
Ephry Santhosh Acum 15 ore
i would reccomend you to play more indie games
William Hernandez
William Hernandez Acum 15 ore
i will be 13 on july 6 and i want a shout out please and thank you on your next video please and thank you
Elvis Acum 15 ore
NFS Heat maybe? i know its not really your style but its a really good game :)
Gavin Cline
Gavin Cline Acum 15 ore
Multiplayer subnautica with felix
The Green Goblin
The Green Goblin Acum 15 ore
Video idea with Felix... Now hear me..... Bottle flip challenge
Green_is_ confusing
Green_is_ confusing Acum 15 ore
You should play dying light 2
SaraAson Acum 15 ore
Sad Wade in the corner
Efehan Demiray
Efehan Demiray Acum 15 ore
piss sauna
William Hernandez
William Hernandez Acum 15 ore
shoutout me
Jack Shadow
Jack Shadow Acum 15 ore
I hope his editors get a nice bonus for editing the chair behind him to make it look like he’s sitting down, shout out to them for keeping the illusion going
Jack Shadow
Jack Shadow Acum 14 ore
11:42 jacks height confirmed
William Hernandez
William Hernandez Acum 15 ore
i want proof i am shorter than you. I want to meet you and want to do stuff with you
UN TOUCH Acum 15 ore
Game suggestion : mario64, scp you HAVE TO END THE SERIES!
Skurai Acum 15 ore
oooof calling out minion777 so hard
cakemixx Acum 15 ore
did anyone else realise that jacks Irish humour increases as the video went on
DARKKO Acum 15 ore
had to dislike when he said moana sucks
&RG Acum 15 ore
If I don't see jack in the movie free guy. I'm gonna rate it 0 and force all my friends to do it too