Jacksepticeye's REAL Personality Revealed (Enneagram Test)

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The Enneagram test revealed my REAL personality
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jacksepticeye Acum 2 luni
OOOOOH it's a personality test!
VinZ123 Acum oră
Megan Brooks
Megan Brooks Acum 13 Zile
7:08 Before I continue this, I just want to let everyone know this might be a Naruto spoiler, (It's the Shippuden one) so if you have not seen Kakashi's past yet, don't continue reading this. Thanks! Anywho... Me: *Watches literally anything else that should be sad.* (|. |); Me when I see Obito's death: *AGH!!* -(ToT)- Okay more like just a little bit of tears: (Q^Q) I barely cried at all actually... -Me when I find out other important stuff: OoO AND I WAS SAD ABOUT, AGH!!! Oh, okay good... because I was sad.-
muffie360 Acum lună
Took the test got a 98% match with 4, and 92% match with 9. I was and still am the kid you'd think is gonna pull an mp5 out their bag and kill you, when in actuality im trying to not exist at all(severe depression and self esteem issues from ptsd and other stuff contributed to that a lot in my opinion) I dont like to be confronted about anything, very awkward and anti-social, yet I work at wendys taking orders for complete asshole costumers. (Be nice to us fast food people, we get enough shit from corporate and other people, at least be cordial with us) ranting aside, im very emotionally driven since im literally going through puberty again (transgender on hormones. Biological guy transitioning to woman) and thats what I've taken from the basic test results. I'm also guessing my autism played into this a bunch as well.
John Flynn
John Flynn Acum lună
I did the test i got a 5
Sawyer D’Elia
Sawyer D’Elia Acum lună
You should make a book
uskidsknow19 Acum 20 ore
I’m so glad you took this test. Most accurate personality theory I’ve looked into so far
Judah Buxton
Judah Buxton Acum o Zi
I want what hes on
Hasanain Safa
Hasanain Safa Acum 3 Zile
Dallas Keen
Dallas Keen Acum 5 Zile
18:03 killed me on a personal level lmao
Jes Sy
Jes Sy Acum 5 Zile
Damn, the segment at the end really hit close to home. Really thankful I got to listen to that, made my grip on reality much firmer. Keep doing awesome vid Sean!
pAw4r HoUr
pAw4r HoUr Acum 9 Zile
OMG…I just can’t believe it…I am like stunned…I am exactly like that…I never expected tbh and I never thought about it so much but I always noticed it..I was talking to myself 4 hours ago saying every single word that jack said…I love you jack…you changed me to be this person that I am like copy, paste like you tbh Like every answer I did before you did it was the same answers and I just can’t believe that because you are a LOT older than me and I have the same results as you….🥺🖤🙇🏻‍♂️
[REaDy-ACTED] Acum 10 Zile
Jack: SMILES! PUPPIES! EEEMOOOTIONSS!!! Also jack: Refer to happy wheels
Angeline Missys
Angeline Missys Acum 11 Zile
I love watching Jack devolve (though, I believe evolve might work better) from acting goofy and turning everything into a joke into exuberant contemplation of himself. You can really tell he's spent time on cultivating the man he is today, and he's proud of that, and, for that, I am proud of him! :)
Zu Yi
Zu Yi Acum 16 Zile
Yeah my parents freaking hate you and told me to stop watching your video but I didn't I keep watching your video till now XD
Samuel Baker
Samuel Baker Acum 18 Zile
Seeing these personality tests really shows what similar traits I share with Seán and what he was like in the past is what I'm still like now, theres also quite a few differences that make us different too, these videos always fascinate me and wonder more about myself
Lord plagueis The wise
Lord plagueis The wise Acum 19 Zile
My arrogance is something I would like to get rid of but it’s hard to erase a part of your personality
Liv Riley
Liv Riley Acum 20 Zile
an emotionally intelligent king!!!
Agustina Pagalday
Agustina Pagalday Acum 21 o Zi
i loved the editing of this video
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Acum 22 Zile
I'm loving your outfit.
Daniel Christian
Daniel Christian Acum 26 Zile
I'm a Campaigner too
Sara Christopher
Sara Christopher Acum 27 Zile
2w3 gang
Hello. Acum 28 Zile
everything in this vid I found extremely relatable, other than him not being super perfectionistic. I'm 16, so his "I was emotionally stunted in my teen years" wasn't relatable either, but everything else is ON POINT
Hello. Acum 28 Zile
Sara W
Sara W Acum lună
That's awesome! I love type 2! I'm a type 4w5. I love these personality tests.
Max Acum lună
Seàn: Your personality is like a spectrum Me: *gets flashbacks to eef* ITS A SPECTRUM
Gopro Gamer
Gopro Gamer Acum lună
0:05 how did we get here
Izzy Joy
Izzy Joy Acum lună
As a 7 I have to say it depends on the person whether or not they shy away from negativity. As I grew into my own skin I now understand the importance of allowing negative emotions. And I love deep conversation. 2 and 7 are very similar and often get mistaken for one another, I think the main difference is 7’s are more hyper and scatterbrained.😂
Esther Faith
Esther Faith Acum lună
type 4 here! the only type four in the world! *cough cough* fellow fours... please let me have this one...
Ëthxñ Ñgûÿęń
Ëthxñ Ñgûÿęń Acum lună
G.Y.U greatest ROkeyr ever!
tornado Acum lună
Amazing and enlightening
BeUnique Acum lună
the let me fix you bit hurt me personally. ugh that hit home. lol
Hannah Carter
Hannah Carter Acum lună
The beautiful thing about the enneagram approach to personalities is that it recognizes that people are not static, that we can change and grow ... and sometimes regress in times of stress. It's meant as a means of learning more about yourself and how you tick, rather than a personality box in which to put yourself, and it provides a common language for learning more about your friends and family if they have also learned about the enneagram system. The downside of tests like this is that they do follow stereotypes and more likely to do the box thing. If you are interested in learning more, I would recommend reading a book about the enneagram, listening to podcasts, or both. I found it very helpful as I processed a whole bunch of stuff while stuck in a COVID-19 lockdown. I'm a 1 with strong 9 and 2 wings, by the way, though I also relate to aspects of almost every "type".
Incorrect Fanfiction
Incorrect Fanfiction Acum lună
Can anyone see Sean as your philosophy teacher or is it just me.
denanallo16 Acum lună
I got an Enneagram Test ad before this video even started. PERFECT timing 👌👌👌
What is my channel?
What is my channel? Acum lună
I took it and got nine.
Bakugo Katsukii-_-
Bakugo Katsukii-_- Acum lună
I love serious videos like this
Chr1stown Acum lună
I’m just so fukcing lonely and sad and lazy
Voidking Acum lună
he literally is borderline an empath
Kat Evans
Kat Evans Acum lună
Watching him be so passionate about this makes my heart happy
Miriam Joseph
Miriam Joseph Acum lună
THE THING U SAID ABT UR LIFE REVOLVING AROUND THAT ONE NEXT EVENT U PLANNED- so accurate oh my god! i literally cant even think abt planning anything else till im finished w that one event
Estrella Weeb
Estrella Weeb Acum lună
I am INFP-T Anyone else? 😊
Rosethorn48 Acum lună
dude we came a long way from Haha loud guy screaming to a h y e s s e l f i m p r o v e m e n t, p s y c h o l o g y, P M A
anonymous swifty XD ✔
anonymous swifty XD ✔ Acum lună
Jackyboyman: I am posititive in every situation *jacks yt channel dead and mom dead* Jackyboyman: perfect:)
Robin Vuorinen
Robin Vuorinen Acum lună
Ive been immersed in enneagram for most of my life, since my mom has studied it most of hers. I think it usually hits the spot for many people because it isn't stagnant. 16 personalities is marketed well and seems to be the publically known test, but once you get your result thats it. With enneagram, finding your personality is just square one. It acknowledges that people are in different states of progress and helps you specifically in your state to grow and be better. Loved this video, thanks jack
Robin Vuorinen
Robin Vuorinen Acum lună
Just gonna elaborate on some of the stuff that jack got. Theres "wings" to every personality, also growth and stress directions but I wont get into that. He had 2 and 3 strongly, which propably means he is a 2 with a 3 wing. You can specifically read about the 2w3 personality more. Theres also levels of psychological health that you can get into with every personality, that can sometimes help you identify your own situation and what to look for in your current situation.
Reaper Soul
Reaper Soul Acum lună
Are me and Sean spiritual twins cause I'm just like him
Aaron kilgoar
Aaron kilgoar Acum lună
veljko angelovski
veljko angelovski Acum lună
Miles Biscoglia
Miles Biscoglia Acum lună
Ohh yeeeaaahh. Four gang
SpoiderMan Acum lună
Oh no im a 7 head by 95 percent
Conor McLaughlin
Conor McLaughlin Acum lună
Jack: I’m not into like MURDER *flashback of paddy Fitzgerald*
Just_Voices_Asmr Acum lună
Kennedy O'Sullivan
Kennedy O'Sullivan Acum lună
It really warms my heart that Sean actually agrees with his strengths 🥰 I know how hard it is to accept compliments or recognise what's good about yourself, and it must be especially hard for a public figure to do that, I think it's such a good message to younger kids to see that it's a positive to be pleased about your strengths instead of pushing it off to seem overly humble 😊
Creeping INTP's where are you
Creeping INTP's where are you
SilentGreninja Acum lună
"Has trouble saying 'no'. Yeah, I've got much better at this though. I used to be really scared that if other people were like do you wanna play this game with us right 'no'w? I would always say yes, regardless of what was going on in my time, or in my life or in my day to day, because I felt like if I say 'no', they're never going to invite me again, and 'no't be friends with me, which is 'no't at all how I think anymore. I've got very very good at saying 'no' because I k'no'w that I value my own time more 'no'w, and I k'no'w that if I've made any sort of lasting impact on people or actually been myself, that it'll be worth them coming back and asking again." Wow! You are good at saying no!
Keiran Acum lună
oh Sean, your so on the spectrum with us
Keiran Acum 16 Zile
@Astrid Miller well I ,with no background in any medical field, think he is on the adhd spectrum. As someone with adhd when I watch Seán I see alot of adhd symptoms... But I could be wrong
Astrid Miller
Astrid Miller Acum lună
Spectrum for what, exactly?
o _ o
o _ o Acum lună
Katie Kerans
Katie Kerans Acum lună
No cause why does seán have the same personality type as my mom
Master Yoda
Master Yoda Acum lună
I did this test. I got a 4
Coolastic Acum lună
i cannot believe how close to home his personality test was with me, this is just..wow anyone else related to it?
Eetu Alajuuma
Eetu Alajuuma Acum lună
22:01 yes you will indeed run into roblox constantly
Erin Acum lună
I took this along with him and I spazzed every time he skipped a question
Katie x
Katie x Acum lună
I remember doing this 2 months ago in my band class
Adam Besser Ilan
Adam Besser Ilan Acum lună
Type 2 club where y'all at?
Tinka Acum lună
I literally took this test today, found out I'm the Giver as well, matching with 99 % lol. It was really fun, finding out so many things about myself. if anyone would like to share their personality, I'd love to hear
H Atkinson
H Atkinson Acum lună
98% match with 5 hmm
Lyric Raine
Lyric Raine Acum lună
Jack at 13:16 My brain: ✨🎵Work, Work, Work, Work, Work🎵✨
tallest_scotty_boy Acum lună
jojo fans when sean says bizarre in the intro : OMG IS THAT A JOJO REFERANCE
NotXSco Acum lună
Someone timestamp that book he was talking about please!
bunny boo
bunny boo Acum lună
Play fragile please!
Hana Acum lună
Jack is literally the ideal person I want to be
Scree Yeet Master
Scree Yeet Master Acum lună
I'm too a two!
alanna genao
alanna genao Acum lună
I did this while you were doing this test and I got I'm 43% introvert and 56% extrovert it said I was a mix of both and it is so true! I also have a 63% on feelings cause I care for others over my own self. This test was so accurate I love it.
cheezit girl
cheezit girl Acum lună
"Im not into murder" *sally face gameplay*
Tiffany Thom
Tiffany Thom Acum lună
I’m watching this and laughing bc Sean is just talking about all the symptoms of ADHD😂😂 me too
Moon Dynasty
Moon Dynasty Acum lună
Farbod May
Farbod May Acum lună
I love these talks about life, mental health and stuff, Thank u so much mister! :)
_monomorph_ Acum lună
As a fellow 2 (I wing 1 instead of 3 though) and someone who is really passionate about the enneagram, the possessiveness it’s talking about isn’t so much being possessive of material things so to speak. 2s are ruled by the heart, so we can feel possessive over feelings if that makes sense. For instance, a 2 night feel a responsibility to help a friend going through a rough time, and if that friend gets that help elsewhere, an unhealthy 2 might feel betrayed or upset the help dIdn’t come from them. Also, the needing positive feedback for deeds isn’t about doing good things with the intent of getting something in return. It’s more so speaking to the resentment that can build in 2s if they fall into the trap of giving too much of themselves to others and not focusing on themselves. 2s have a hard time helping themselves or even knowing where they need help. So they ignore their needs and help everyone else instead. But eventually they’ll get burned out. And this unhealthy behavioral pattern can lead to resentment or feelings of inadequacy such as “I’ve done all these things for everyone, yet no one ever returns the favor when I need it” or “I stuck my neck out and didn’t get so much as a thank you.”
Cerenity Ford
Cerenity Ford Acum lună
The I don't fit in with ordinary people reminds of me of, “In case you haven't noticed, I'm WEIRD. I'm a weirdo. I don't fit in, and I don't WANT to fit in. Have you ever seen me without this stupid hat on? That's weird!”
MarieWolf_94 Acum lună
i'm also a two! overall i was: Two - 98% Six - 93% Four - 87% One/Seven - 85% Five - 81% Eight - 60% Three - 49% Nine - 48% couldnt get the full report because i dont have muns
Jacob Rodgers
Jacob Rodgers Acum lună
yo let's go, sevens are where it's at jackaboy
aSquirrelCalledShiv Acum lună
I'm a two as well, but didn't know until this video. This was one hell of a trip mentally and emotionally. I am totally someone that gives everything of themself to others, and struggle keeping some for me. Wild to learn all of this with Sean!
T C Acum lună
Aaaaa I'm so excited to see you took the enneagram test! I'm a type 1w9 😄 Sorry if you've had this comment before, but I just wanted to point out that your core type never changes, so you wouldn't have changed from a type three to a type two. More likely your wing number would have changed, and not wanting to do anything wrong sounds very one-ish 😂 it's entirely possible you changed from a 2w1 to a 2w3, or your wings have balanced out. The enneagram is very complex but a really great tool for figuring out what's going on and why. Also, the memes absolutely slaughter everyone 😂 there's no mercy in enneagram memes. Remember that behaviours aren't the key to identifying your type, but core motivations are. The enneagram institute has some great resources for helping to identify. If you ever want to learn more I'd be very glad to help, even if it's just yeeting links your way 😄
Bartee Family
Bartee Family Acum lună
I have ADHD
Ryno DinoYT
Ryno DinoYT Acum lună
I just found out your colour blind aswell Welcome to the club 😐
SelkieSongs Acum lună
as a 2w3, i really loved this video. your words about constantly pursuing growth really resonated with me and reminded me of what’s important. thank you, jack ❤️
Shreya Sanjay
Shreya Sanjay Acum lună
I agree with ya Jack. Sometimes I do wanna feel sad
carry on
carry on Acum lună
I miss watching you in 2015, not only because you made me laugh more but because life was so much better for me theh
carry on
carry on Acum lună
teacupoctopus Acum lună
Jack talking about how life revolves around the next event when you plan it is so painfully accurate.
Ryan Marlowe
Ryan Marlowe Acum lună
We are polar opposites. I'm a 5with 8 and 6 being my second and third
I’m_A_Beginner Acum lună
I am a 9
Alex Sumner
Alex Sumner Acum lună
i think jacks turned into a sell out now old jack was ALOT better
ThePenquinX Acum lună
Found this so inspiring. Didn't know any of that about Sean. Love the growth mentality! Because so many don't have it, stay the same, digress; hince the dramatic cancel culture. I became a Christian July 2019, and have been on my own mental journey ever since. I'm a type 5, studied them years ago! Though I could be considered different now. Not sure how neurological VS tendency the Enneagram is supposed to be. MBTI is more neurological, I've studied it. I'm an INTP, and with the kind of changes I'm making, I don't see that one changing.
xgrimbunny Acum lună
if jackie boy was a dog, he’d be a golden retriever
Demon Illusionsss
Demon Illusionsss Acum lună
this just made me realize that me and jack are way too similar regarding personality and i don't know how to feel about that-
Jima M.
Jima M. Acum lună
"don't put a sad movie in front of me or I'll be broken all day" have you heard of the anime Banana Fish? p.s. trigger warnings for almost everything if you do watch it
Gerardo Lozano
Gerardo Lozano Acum lună
Unlike Jack I cannot adapt well. I have the social awareness tho
Wendifur Acum lună
I wanted to watch #1 and #2 of this because I haven't seen them but I can't find them. Maybe link the previous one or something in your videos. :(
Strongsand Acum lună
Your comments about not being connected to the challenges listed for type 2 is actually a reflection of your health and level of development. With the Ennegram there are levels that highlight different challenges and strengths that can get brought up based on levels of health and stress. You gain positive traits of certain numbers or engage gain challenges of other numbers depending depending on type and if you are moving towards growth or stress. In stress type 2's move towards type 8 and in growth type 2's move towards type 4."When moving in their Direction of Disintegration (stress), needy Twos suddenly become aggressive and dominating at Eight. However, when moving in their Direction of Integration (growth), prideful, self-deceptive Twos become more self-nurturing and emotionally aware, like healthy Fours." (quoted from the Enneagram Institute A great website with all of the original juicy content for all things Enneagram) Since type 3 was you next highest rating than that means you are a type 2 wing 3 which is a way to refine the description of your personality even further (Type 2 mixed with aspects of type 3 "the host/hostess".) I am a type 5 wing 6 the investigated problem solver. My basic fear is being helpless, incapable, and incompetent. My basic desire is to be capable and competent. Type 5's to possess knowledge, to understand the environment, to have everything figured out as a way of defending the self from threats from the environment. I really love the concept of enneagram and have often found it to be the most accurate. It was cool to see you do a video on this.
Minosae Acum lună
You have grown as a person!
Abigail Kovac
Abigail Kovac Acum lună
If he wasn't a youtuber I think his career would be a group therapist. It would be perfect for him and he would love his job
yooncore Acum lună
It scares me how i am closely related, personality wise, to jack. We both are both very aware of our emotions, sensitive as in we cry easily, we both allow ourselves to feel sad in order to appreciate to happy and joy at times, we deeply care about others and tend to enjoy taking care of them and seeing them grow, we also are super loving and sweet. the only thing is, i'm still working on myself. I'm still working on my depression and working on not giving myself to others so easily. i also need to work on boundaries and learn that i can say no. but seeing how he has grown makes me feel hopeful that i can too.
cc Acum lună
Yooo I’m a 2w1 :D
Ms. Zombangle
Ms. Zombangle Acum lună
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